Capability Statement                California DVBE 1769451

Projects History

Network Administration

  • Planned, maintained, secured, and deployed wireless PoE networks on small, medium, and large networks.
  • Subnetted large networks to increase performance and provide security boundaries.
  • Utilized VLAN tagging to provide network segmentation to increase network performance / security.
  • Evaluated Wireless and Wired Networks, provided enhanced configuration to increase performance.
  • Provided troubleshooting of network devices utilizing Wireshark packet captures.
  • Configured SNMP Traps to report to system monitors.
  • Analyzed network device logs with Splunk to increase performance and security.


IT Security

  • Implemented Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) systems including ArcSight, and Splunk for windows and unix and security appliances
  • Created, modified, and developed custom Unix scripts to create and deliver notifications to Security Analysts.
  • Developed content for security alerts, and maintained unix and windows security systems.
  • Maintained and monitored Tenable's Nessus vulnerability scanner, and integrated with SIEM solutions.
  • Deployed and configured multiple firewall types including Cisco Pix, Juniper, Dell Sonic Wall, pf, and pfsense.
  • Performed PCI Audits, and Reports on Compliance for Credit Card Merchants
  • Performed penetration testing, and device hardening for network devices, Windows and Unix systems.
  • Maintained and monitored Intrusion Prevention Systems, including High Availability HP TippingPoint IPS and Snort
  • Provide IT security consulting and support to ~50,000 customers
  • Identified security threats, and implemented mitigations for web applications, databases, operating systems, and appliances.


System Administration

  • Planned, deployed, maintained, and secured LDAP (Active Directory and Unix Directory Services) on large networks.
  • Deployed VMWare vsphere and Microsoft HyperV technologies utilizing a SAN for fault tolerance, and performed physical to virtual server migrations.
  • Deployed large scale remote desktop servers, allowing for cost savings on licenses and postponed desktop replacements.
  • Experienced with deploying services and servers to Azure for better scalability.


Communications (Email VOIP and Mobile)

  • Planned, implemented, managed, and extended Microsoft Exchange Servers in Microsoft Active Directory ranging from one hundred to 60,000 customers.
  • Managed security and mobile access to MS Exchange and IMAP and POP mail services.
  • Supported mobile devices and made recommendations for procurement/purchases.
  • Planned, implemented and supported non-Microsoft open sourced mail servers (Mail enable, Zimbra).
  • Implemented an all Voice over IP (VoIP) deployment providing greater flexibility.